Kiko Goats



KBF G2G Terminator XXX's Xander
Tag #: G02G
100% New Zealand Buck
DNA: Parentage Verified
Birth Date: 04/16/2017
Birth Rank: Triplet
Birth Weight: 6.50
90-Day Weight: 49.83
90-Day ADG: 0.48
Sire: GFI Terminator's XXX
Dam: RBK Big Girl
Color: Black/White
06/08/2018 Young Buck Weigh-In: 100 Lbs

A 100% New Zealand TRIPLET son of GFI Terminator's XXX & RBK Big Girl (our 190Lb New Zealand Doe). This young NZ Buck is built like a brick house, having width in the front, rear, & every where in between! With performance +, Terminator's XXX as his Sire & Pango Hua, Mingo, AVG June, Iron Horse, Ozark Bullet, & double TNT Dutch on his Dam's side, this guy had to stay on our farm as a future herdsire!   


KBF G1G Terminator XXX's Xakery
Tag#: G01G
Purebred Kiko Buck (98.5%)
DNA: Parentage Verified
Birth Date: 04/10/2017
Birth Rank: Twin
Birth Weight: 8.69
90-Day Weight: 45.61
90-Day ADG: 0.41
Sire: GFI Terminator's XXX
Dam: AVG's Ozark Cricket
Color: Brown/Black/Silver
06/08/2018 Young Buck Weigh-In: 99 Lbs

Son of GFI Terminator's XXX & AVG's Ozark Cricket (an 2010 daughter of AVG's Ozark Rathe). This Buckling has proven parasite resistance from his Sire & Dam's side! Xakery was given the opportunity to breed one of our best NZ Does last year (2017). RDH Candace kidded a set of twins (a Buckling & a Doeling). Both are proving to be top performers in our on-farm tests!


CBK 3341 Klondyke
Tag #: 3341 OR
Purebred Kiko Buck (99.94%)
DNA: Genotyped
Birth Date: 10/27/2012
Birth Rank: Twin
Birth Weight: 6.75
90-Day Weight: 42.60
90-day ADG: 0.49
Sire: HMK Bo's Colonel 
Dam: LRF 1 Cricket
Color: Multi-colored
Eyes: Blue

Klondyke has provided us with some outstanding crops of kids over the years. He is an extremely easy keeper Purebred Kiko Buck! He is very calm, gentle, & respectful, yet able to cover every one of his Does. He has never required a dewormer, no hoof trims, & no health issues since coming to BF Farm as a young yearling Buck!