Kiko Goats

Purebred Kiko Does - Dual Registered NKR/AKGA

AVG's Ozark Cricket

Purebred Kiko (97.00%)
Tag Number: 0453
Birth Date: 03/04/2010
Birth Weight: ​6.00
Birth Rank: Twin
Color: White
Sire: GHK Stellar
Dam: AVG's Miss Molly

Cricket is a 2010 model & our oldest goat! Good "old goats" like her are what quality Kiko goats are built on today! Cricket has consistently produced twins since 2011! 

AMM Audrey

Purebred Kiko (98.50%)
Tag #: D14
Birth Date: 11/16/2014
Birth Weight: 6.12
Birth Rank: Twin
Sire: SDR Leonardo Bear
Dam: OPF Little Lady

Audrey is the mother of 2 top performing KikoDoelings! 1 in 2016 & once again in 2017! She kidded a buckling & a Doeling in 2018 that are keeping up the family tradition in performance!

KBF TXXX Xakery's "Tori"

Purebred Kiko (99.25%)
Tag Number:
Birth Date: 04/09/2018
Birth Weight: 6.20
Birth Rank: Twin
Color: Tan/Cream/Black
Sire: KBF Terminator XXX's Xakery
Dam: RDH Candace

2018 Daughter of KBF Terminator XXX's Xakery & RDH Candace! Granddaughter of Isaiah's Fire & Terminator's XXX. She is also the niece to RDH Patches. Isaiah's Fire & Patches were high sellers at Cream of the Crop in Corydon, IN!

Purebred Kiko Does - NKR Registered

PFJ Onyx

Purebred Kiko (94.94%)
Tag #: 15
Birth Date: 06/13/2014
Birth Weight: 5.00 
Birth Rank: Twin
Sire: GNX Blackout
Dam: PFJ Brushy Creek Miss Kay

Onyx is the Dam to our highest performing Doeling of 2016 in our 1st contemporary group! She out did herself in 2017 with TRIPLET DOELINGS!!! In 2018 she kidded twin Doelings, so Onyx is known as our Doeling Producer!

CBK Bambi

1Purebred Kiko (99.94%)
Tag Number: 5148 OR
Birth Date: 03/21/2015
Birth Weight: 4.20
Birth Rank: Triplet
Sire: LCK Iron Horse's Raven
Dam: CBK 3353 Hill William's Tabitha

Twin Sister to Fawn! Dam to a single Buckling in 2016 & twins (1 Buckling & 1 Doeling) in 2017

CBK Fawn

1Purebred Kiko (99.94%)
Tag Number: 5147 OR
Birth Date: 03/21/2015
Birth Weight: 5.10
Birth Rank: Triplet
Sire: CBK Iron Horse's Raven
Dam: CBK 3353 Hill William's Tabitha

Twin sister to Bambi! ​Dam to twin Bucklings in 2017!

KBF Phantom's Prima Donna

Purebred Kiko (99.25%)
Tag Number: G##G
Birth Date: 06/14/2017
Birth Weight: 5.32
Birth Rank: Single
Sire: CWR Beaureguard's Phantom
Dam: AMM D-14 Audrey

One of our top-perfoming Kiko Doelings from our 2017 crop of outstanding Kiko kids! Prima was born on pasture, up & feeding in minutes, & following her Dam (AMM Audrey) around the pasture soon after.